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What Clients Have Said

I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for life coaching, but felt like I needed some counsel as I ventured into a new part of my life, starting my own business. The sessions with Melanie have been an eye-opener in such a positive way. Melanie's clever questioning and warm and encouraging manner helped me to unravel parts of myself that have either been an inhibitor or frustration. With a deeper level of self-awareness and techniques to manage oneself I can honestly say I have evolved in this process and would highly recommend it.


Melanie holds a safe and supportive space, free of judgement and encourages personal exploration with calmness and compassion. I have found my sessions with her to be enormously beneficial and effective and would not hesitate to recommend her.


Melanie welcomes you with a calm, warm presence that makes you feel that she takes you in as you are and sees the potential in you.
Her style of coaching is understated and elegant, yet she is fierce and determined: she will stand by your side and hold your agenda until you are ready to take the step that will lead you to transformation. Working with Melanie, I feel safe enough to open up and take bold steps, beyond what I would have imagined on my own.


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