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Transform your life

Chemistry session


1 hour

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6 week intensive


6 x 1 hour sessions over 6 weeks

3 months


90 minute Discovery Session 


2x 1 hr sessions monthly

Total of 7.5 hrs

6 months


90 minute Discovery Session


2x 1 hr sessions monthly

Total of 13.5hrs

12 months


90 minute Discovery Session


2x 1hr sessions monthly

Total of 25.5hrs

Monthly instalments available on all packages...


1:1 coaching is delivered by video call unless otherwise agreed. Face to face sessions are possible in Sevenoaks and Central London if required.The coaching is entirely adapted to meet your needs and is anchored in the CTI coaching model.



Positive Intelligence (PQ) is a 6 week programme delivered as an optional add on to your regular coaching. It enables you to spot the ways you self sabotage, switch out of that mindset and builds strength in your 'Sage' skills and perspective. The breakdown of all that is included in this package can be found at the bottom of the page.

Positive Intelligence Package

- 1 hr weekly training videos 

- 1hr Pod meetings (facilitated by myself) to explore

   and discuss the learning, successes and challenges    with others.

- A Saboteur Assessment to help you identify the

  ways in which you most frequently self-sabotage 

- Full access to the PQ app

- Daily exercises

- PQ Gym

- Access to the wider PQ community chat

- Shirzad Charmine’s book “Positive Intelligence”


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