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Talent and hard work is only the beginning when it comes to a positive and successful career in the arts or professional sports. The pressures and expectations on mind and body can be brutal, being constantly assessed and judged both by ourselves and those we work with. The sense of loss and frustration when we are unable to work through injury or unemployment can be a struggle. Through coaching, you will acquire skills that allow you ride the highs and lows of your career while retaining a positive outlook. You will find a freedom and confidence to perform to your highest ability and achieve your ambitions.


Actor's Audition


To support, hold space for and deliver mental fitness skills to professional artists and sports people. To enable longevity in performance and passion for their chosen discipline.


Through workshops, group and 1:1 sessions, my aim is to equip performers and sports people with the mental skillset that allows them to experience their careers joyfully, building and retaining confidence and staying intrinsically connected to their value and purpose through their work. And if or when the time to transition comes, that they recognise the vast and varied skillset they already possess and have the confidence to step into a new professional role that excites them. 

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