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What is coaching and is it right for me?

In Co-Active coaching the uniquely designed relationship between coach and client provides the safe space to explore, grow and develop exciting outcomes in your personal and professional life. Eliminating limiting beliefs, gaining clarity and discovering fresh perspective you can expect a journey that stretches you from the inside out. You will, through connecting deeply with your authentic self, rediscover courage and passion to live a life of value and purpose.

Coaching works with the present and the future. There is no digging into the past and it does not replace therapy. It can be helpful in many situations including :-

  • significant life transitions

  • feeling stuck in a rut

  • seeking a new direction in your life

  • career transition

  • taking on a new role

  • facing difficult decisions

  • overcoming a negative mindset


If you want someone to truly listen to you and truly see you. If you want someone in your corner, rooting for you and the things that really matter to you. If you are longing to identify and achieve your dreams. If you want honest reflections and powerful, thought provoking questions then coaching is for you.

Wandering Traveler

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond belief."

Marianne Williamson


Getting Started

Free 1 hour Chemistry Session

Firstly we must establish if we can work well together.


I offer a free 1 hour chemistry session to figure this out. If you chose to move forward with me as your coach we will then decide together on the best package to meet your needs. If the standard packages don’t fit your requirements we can discuss a more bespoke package. We will then begin with a 90 minute discovery session before embarking on our regular coaching sessions. 



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